Mainstreaming the sustainable data center

Global cloud companies have all committed to bold sustainability targets for reducing energy and water consumption. The Edged platform provides a new tool for meeting those targets—while also cutting costs.

Ultra efficient and carbon neutral

Edged data centers are designed to cut overhead energy consumption 74% portfolio-wide compared with the global average and operate efficiently, even in the hottest climates. The platform’s operations will be carbon neutral through a combination of solar and wind PPAs, utility green energy programs and certified carbon credits. The facilities are backed up by ultra-clean (Tier 4 Final) critical power systems that virtually eliminate the direct air emissions that are typical in data centers.

1.15 PUE
Edged Average PUE
Global Average PUE
Source: Uptime Institute

Waterless cooling. Anywhere.

Traditional data center cooling consumes vast quantities of water, putting significant pressure on local resources. To address this growing issue, Edged worked closely with our sister company ThermalWorks to develop an ultra-efficient cooling system that supports the dense AI-driven loads that are reshaping the IT industry, without consuming water. Compared with industry average systems with WUE of 1.8, a 100 MW Edged data center saves 380 million gallons of water every year. Sources: Industry average WUE, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 2016. Assumes 60% utilization of data center capacity.

Highlights from the field

Solar Glass
Our data centers in Barcelona and Madrid-Getafe, Spain are covered with photovoltaic glass panels which help power the facilities.

Biofuel Standby Power
The standby generators at Edged facilities in Spain are powered by biofuel (hydrotreated vegetable oil) which reduces their carbon emissions by 90%. 

On-site Solar Farm
Our data center in Bilbao-Arasur, Spain will operate on 100% renewable energy from an adjacent 135 MW solar farm currently under construction.

Leading the
carbon shift

Edged and other Endeavour companies are pushing beyond carbon neutrality to create a net positive impact by supporting decarbonization of the transportation sector. Heavy duty EV fleet charging will dramatically increase the carbon savings across the platform.

Discover how to save with sustainable IT.

Select data center capacity to calculate your savings.

Carbon Savings

kg CO2e/yr
Compared with average data center

Water Savings

Compared with industry average WUE 1.8

EV Carbon Savings

kg CO2e/yr
250 MW fleet charging, 50% utilization vs. equivalent diesel kilometers traveled
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Future Forward

Delve into the impacts of AI and the increase in computing density on data center design and cooling. 

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