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EDGED GLOBAL SERVICES IBERIA SL (hereinafter Edged) with tax identification number B-02864098 and registered office at C/ Maldonado Nº4, Bajo D 28006 - Madrid as owner of the website (hereinafter the Website) below informs you (the USER) of the Cookies Policy that regulates their use on this website.

What are cookies?

This website uses cookies and/or similar technologies that store and retrieve information when the USER browses. In general, these technologies can serve very different purposes, such as, for example, recognizing you as a user, obtaining information about your browsing habits, or personalizing the way in which content is displayed. The specific uses we make of these technologies are described below.

Why are cookies used?

The cookies we use facilitate your use and navigation of the Site(s) and help us improve the quality of the Website(s). Likewise, they allow us to store and retrieve information about your browsing (and that of any equipment) and know your browsing habits or those of any other user, recognize you as a user of the Site(s), or personalize the way in which it is displayed. the content.

How can I configure, disable or eliminate the use of cookies?

During the installation or update of the browser, you can accept or reject the installation of cookies, you can even not accept some of the cookies. Likewise, you can completely disable all cookies. Deactivating any of the cookies may prevent you from ceasing to enjoy some of the functionalities of the Site(s), as specified in this table with respect to each cookie:

After each session, you can delete some or all of the stored cookies through your browser settings.

Although the configuration of these options in each browser is different, it is common for cookies to be configured in the “Preferences” or “Tools” menu of your browser. You can access more detailed information about cookie settings in your browser by consulting the “Help” menu.

If you accept third-party cookies, you may need to delete them from the browser options or from the system offered by the third party itself.

Similarly, you can activate two types of browsing: private browsing, through which your browser stops saving your browsing history, passwords, and information about the pages you visit; or you can activate the do not track function thanks to which you can prevent the browser from tracking your browsing habits.

Types of cookies

Depending on the purpose for which the data obtained through them is processed, we can distinguish different types of cookies. On this Website we use the following:

  1. Technical cookies: they allow you to navigate through the Site(s) and use the different options or services that exist therein, including those that we use to allow the management and operation of the website and enable its functions and services, such as It can be traffic control and data communication, identify the session. The use of this type of cookies does not require the user's consent.
  2. Personalization cookies: Thanks to these cookies you can access the service that we provide on the Site(s) with some general characteristics predefined based on a series of criteria that are carried out on your terminal, such as the choice of language, the type of browser through which you access the service, the regional configuration from which you access the service, etc. If it is the user who chooses these characteristics, the use of this type of cookies does not require the user's consent either.
  3. Analysis cookies: these are those that allow us to track and analyze the behavior of users of the Website, including the quantification of the impacts of advertisements. The information collected through this type of cookies is used to measure the activity of the Website, application or platform, in order to introduce improvements based on the analysis of the usage data made by users of the service.

Cookies may also remain on your computer only while you are connected to the Website ("Session" cookies) or they may remain on your computer beyond the duration of your connection or browsing the Website. (“Persistent” cookies)

More accurate and complete information about all the cookies we use on this Website, their purpose and duration and whether they are our own or third-party cookies, you will find it in our cookies box.

In any case, and with regard to our cookies, the processing of your data will comply with our Privacy Policy, which you can consult here.

By clicking “Accept All Cookies”, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. View our Privacy Policy for more information.