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May 13, 2024

Edged Energy Welcomes Arjan de Haan as Director of Sales for the Sustainable Data Center Provider’s Rapid European Expansion

Seasoned sales executive will partner with hyperscale, cloud and enterprise clients looking to expand their presence in the dynamic European market

New York, NY (May 13, 2024) — Edged Energy, the fast-growing sustainable data center infrastructure company, is pleased to welcome industry veteran Arjan de Haan as Director of Sales for Europe. The seasoned sales executive brings nearly 25 years of business development experience and will support the team’s rapid global expansion. Edged is currently building nearly a dozen ultra-efficient, AI-ready data centers with waterless cooling across Europe and North America and has a gigawatt-scale project pipeline in the works. In his role as Director of Sales, de Haan will partner with hyperscale, cloud and enterprise clients looking to expand their presence in the dynamic European market.

“We are excited to welcome Arjan, an experienced sales professional with a solution-oriented approach and proven ability to solve complex infrastructure requirements and deliver results. His creativity and deep industry knowledge will be invaluable as we continue our global expansion and set a new standard for sustainable digital infrastructure,” said Edged founder Jakob Carnemark.

Edged is the first large-scale data center platform to deploy advanced waterless cooling systems across its entire portfolio. The advanced technology is designed to support the intense demands of generative AI and high-performance GPU-based computing. The platform is significantly more efficient than conventional data centers, reducing energy overhead by 74% compared with the global industry average. 

“I was immediately drawn to Edged by the team’s truly unique and innovative approach to sustainability. Their highly differentiated platform delivers top-tier performance built to meet the growing demands of AI and advanced computing, while also dramatically reducing energy usage and eliminating water for cooling. Edged is changing what is possible in the industry, and I am thrilled to join the team and help our clients meet and exceed their aggressive sustainability goals,” said de Haan.

Prior to joining Edged, de Haan served as Senior Director of Global Accounts for Digital Realty where he served as the primary contact for the EMEA portfolio, successfully managing accounts ranging from large hyperscale campuses to smaller edge deployments and build-to-suit projects. He also held senior sales roles at Interxion and Telecity Group.

About Edged
Edged is a vertically integrated global platform of on-demand data centers. Its operations are designed to be carbon and water neutral. Edged is an Endeavour company.
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About Endeavour
Endeavour is an innovation platform purpose-built to support the reliable, rapid growth and sustainable operations of global cloud and logistics companies. It develops and scales distributed energy, water and IT infrastructure with cloud companies.
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